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Rafael Poveda

Frontend Developer

Currently living in Santiago, Chile.

Who am i?

Hi!, I'm a Frontend developer that loves working with web technologies. I like learning all I possibly can about JavaScript and all its surrounding environment. I've been working for more than 9 years creating web experience for industries of different types.

Where have i worked?


Software engineer

Frontend developer for Uber working on Cornershop's products

  • I worked as part of the team incharge keeping the operation of Cornershop until is fully merged with Uber's groseries strategy
  • I was responsable of helping multiple teams to keep the operation running by fixing bugs and creating new features
Aug 2022Currently

Cornershop by Uber

Engineering manager

As an engineering manager I coordinate and oversee the technical decisions of an internal product in the company. Also, I manage a multi disciplinary team of engineers working for an internal product

  • Estimate engineering efforts for upcoming projects
  • Evaluate technical feasibility
  • Hire new engineers
  • Take care of bugs and work closely with engineers to reduce technical debt
Apr 2022Aug 2022

Cornershop by Uber

Technical Leader Frontend

Technical leader of a group of 14 frontend developers working for internal applications.

  • Work closely with HR team to hire new frontend developers for the company
  • Do 1:1 feedback meetings with developers
  • Decide the arquitecture and tech stack of new projects
  • Maintain the internal NPM registry of the company
  • Create a maintain internal tools for other developers within the company
Aug 2020Mar 2022

Cornershop by Uber

Frontend Engineer

I was the first frontend enginner in Cornershop's operations team that was responsable of creating internal tools to manage their entire operation.

  • Develop tens of internal applications to facilate operations team's work
  • Help with the hiring process of new frontend engineers creating a team from scratch
Apr 2019Aug 2020

Adessa Falabella

UI Lead Architect

Falabella's frontend team leader. Responsible for ensuring the quality of the falabella frontend team's developments of both the team from Chile and India.

Jun 2017Nov 2018

Adessa Falabella

Frontend Developer

I was part of one of the teams that was responsable for developing new features on the entire checkout process used by Falabella's ecommerce

May 2017Jun 2018

Falabella.com Chile

Software Engineer

Software engineer in Falabella's coorporative marketing team in Chile. My main job was to create tools for the local teams on each country in which Falabella had a presence. Also, I helped local teams with their needs.

  • I worked on the team that rewrote Falabella's ecommerce in React
  • I created multiple tools that helped local teams to create hard sell landing pages faster
Sep 2015May 2017

Falabella.com Colombia

Lead Developer

Lead frontend developer for Falabella's marketing team in Colombia. I was in charge of creating the landing pages for the hard sales events and internal tools that facilitate the work in all teas. Led a small team of two frontend junior developers helping them to create small applications and responsive email templates.

  • I created an internal CMS for hard sale events like CyberMonday and Black Friday managed the commertial team with Django and Angular.js. This application reduced the amount of time nedeed to create an event from 2 days to a couple of hours.
  • I developed a small jQuery utility to create banners with multiple internal links on them with an integration to our internal analytics tool.
Oct 2014Sep 2015

Falabella.com Colombia

Frontend Developer

I worked as the first frontend developer for Falabella's marketing team in Colombia. I was responsible of creating the markup of lannding pages designed by the design team and email marketing as well.

Mar 2013Oct 2014

What have i studied?

Universidad Pedag├│gica Nacional

Electronic Engineering

"Estimaci├│n del foco de atenci├│n visual por medio de tecnicas de visi├│n artificial" - 4.8/5.0


Where you can see my open source work?



Markdown note taking application in real time that sync all notes across devices

    Built with:

  • Firebase
  • React

World Capitals


Super simple trivia game to learn the capital cities of the world

    Built with:

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Styled Components



Get the cheapest flight from Santiago, Chile to a few cities. No matter when, just the smallest price

    Built with:

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Styled Components
  • TypeScript

What have i talked about?

TypeScript in the real world


Introductory level talk for Noders Chile about TypeScript and how it's benefits for Frontend Development.

TypeScript and why you should be using it...


How can TypeScript can increase productivity between Backend and Frontend developers that use Javascript and main language. This talk was part of the *Tech Talks* series in Adessa Falabella.